Sort Company Index Focus State City Phone
1 A & M Nut and Bolt D Fasteners AZ Phoenix 602-276-1182
2 A A Anchor Bolt M Construction MI Northville 248-349-6565
3 A and A Engineering D Specialty Items PA
4 A and P Fasteners Inc D Fasteners WA
5 A.J. Fasteners M Fasteners CA Anaheim 714-630-1556
6 AAA Metric Supply D Fasteners CO Denver 303-892-9000
7 Aarons Machine Screws D Fasteners CA
8 ABA of America M Clamps IL Cherry Valley 815-332-5170
9 Ababa.Qa D Fasteners CA
10 Abbot Interfast M Fasteners IL 800-877-0789
11 Abcor Fasteners Inc D Nuts IL
12 Above Board Electronics D Fasteners CA
13 ACA D Aerospace MA
14 Accurate Automatic Parts M Screw Machine Parts WI 414-782-0710
15 Accurate Component Sales D Fasteners MN 
16 Accurate Fasteners Inc D Fasteners MA
17 Accurate Manufactured Products M Fasteners NY 317-472-9000
18 Accurate Rivet M Rivets IL
19 Accurate Screw Machine M Fasteners NJ
20 Accu-Swiss, Inc. M Screw Machine Parts CA
21 Accutite Fasteners Inc D Fasteners CA
22 Ace Bolt & Screw D Fasteners MS
23 Ace Fastener D Fasteners NJ
24 Ace Rivet & Fastener M Fasteners Canada ONTARIO 905-792-2255
25 ACF Component & Fasteners D Fasteners CA Covina 626-967-6335
26 ACF Component & Fasteners D Fasteners CA Hayward 800-227-2901
27 ACF Component & Fasteners D Fasteners NV Las Vegas 702-434-9105
28 Acme Industrial M Threaded inserts IL
29 Acme Screw Co. M Fasteners IL Wheaton 630-665-2200
30 ACT Fastening Solutions M Cable Ties MA 800-861-7228
31 Active Screw & Fastener D Fasteners IL
32 Adams Nut & Bolt Co.  D Fasteners MN
33 ADP Rivet M Rivets CT Hartfort 860-296-6541
34 Advanced Fastener D Fasteners OH
35 Aero & Auto Stud Specialist M Studs MI New Hudson 248-437-2171
36 Aero Assemblies Inc D Aerospace MN
37 Aero-Missile Components Inc D Aerospace PA
38 Aero-Space Fasteners & Electronics D Aerospace MN
39 Aero-Space Southwest Inc D Aerospace AZ
40 Aetna Screw Products D Fasteners IL
41 AFI Industries M Fasteners IL Carol Stream 630-462-0400
42 Air Components D Aerospace CA
43 Air Industries Corp D Aerospace CA Garden Grove 714-892-5571
44 Aircraft Fasteners Inc D Aerospace CA
45 Airfasco Industries M Aerospace OH Canton 330-494-0373
46 AKKO Fastener  M Fasteners OH Cinncinnati 513-489-8300
47 Alabama Aerospace D Aerospace AL
48 Alard MachineProducts M Screw Machine Parts CA
49 Albany Steel & Brass D Fasteners IL
50 ALBECO Fastener & Supply D Fasteners MA
51 Alco Manufacturing Corporation M Screw Machine Parts OH
52 Alcoa Fastening Systems M TX 800-388-4825
53 Alger Manufacturing Company, Inc  M Screw Machine Parts CA
54 All American Washer Werks M Washers IL 847-566-9091
55 All Fasteners D Fasteners WI
56 All State Fastener D Fasteners MI
57 Allegheny Bolt & Screw D Fasteners CA 800-543-2614
58 Allfast Fastening Systems M Rivets CA City of Industry 626-968-9388
59 Allied Bolt and Screw Corp D Fasteners MA
60 Allied Harper Aerospace Fasteners M Aerospace CA
61 Allied Rivet M Rivets IL 800-227-4838
62 Allmetal Screw Products D Fasteners NY
63 All-Ohio Threaded Rod M Rod OH 216-426-1800
64 Alloy & Stainless Fasteners D Fasteners OR 503-885-2464
65 Alloy & Stainless Fasteners M Fasteners PA 215-721-3900
66 Alloy & Stainless Fasteners M Fasteners TX 713-466-3031
67 Alloy & Stainless Fasteners D Fasteners VA
68 Alloy Fasteners M Stainless RI
69 All-Pro Fasteners Inc M Fasteners TX
70 Allstar Fasteners M IL 847-640-7827
71 All-West Components & Fasteners Inc D Fasteners WA
72 Aloca Fastening systems M Fasteners TX 800-388-4825
73 Alpine Supply D Fasteners UT 801-972-0477
74 Aluminum Fastener Supply Co D Aluminum FL
75 Amerascrew M Screw Machine Parts OH
76 American / Jebco (American Rivet) M Fasteners IL
77 American Bolt & Screw Mfg Co D Fasteners CA
78 American Bolts Co Inc D Fasteners TX
79 American Cold Headed Products M Rivets IL Cortland 815-748-8033
80 American Fastener Technologies Corp D Fasteners PA
81 American Jebco Corporation M Rivets IL Franklin Park 847-455-3150
82 American Micro Products, Inc M Screw Machine Parts OH
83 American Pride Fasteners M Miniatures NY Bablon 631-669-1314
84 AMP-Hexseal M Self Sealing NJ
85 AMTEC Precision Products M Screw Machine Parts IL
86 Anatase Products M Aerospace CA Tehachapi 661-822-6873
87 Anchor Bolt & Screw Co. M Fasteners IL Melrose Park 800-227-4748
88 Anchor Bolts & Fasteners M Fasteners TN Ashland 615-792-5650
89 Anchor Industrial Supply D Studs NY
90 Anderson Metals M Brass Fittings MO 800-821-5672
91 Anderson Mfg. M Fasteners WI Bristol 262-857-7056
92 Andre Corporation M Washers IN 574-293-0207
93 Andros Mfg. Corp M Screw Machine Parts CT Wolcott 203-879-1423
94 Anixter Fasteners M Fasteners IL 630-595-0000
95 APC Components Inc D Fasteners NY
96 Apex Fasteners D Fasteners CA
97 Apex Machine Products, Inc. M Screw Machine Parts WI
98 APM-Hexseal M Specialty Items NJ 201-569-5700
99 Archer Screw Products M Fasteners IL Franklin Park 847-451-1150
100 Arizona Aero Fasteners, Inc. D Aerospace CA
101 Arizona Industrial Hardware Inc D Fasteners AZ
102 Ark-Plas Products M Plastic AR 870-453-2343
103 Arlington Fastener Co. D Bolts IL 847-381-7700
104 Armour Screw Co. D Fasteners IL
105 Arnold Ind Inc D Fasteners MA
106 Arnold Supply, Inc D Fasteners CT
107 ASC Industries D Aerospace TX
108 Ashley Ward, Inc.  M Screw Machine Parts OH
109 Associated Fastening Products Inc D Fasteners IL
110 Astral Parts D Aerospace NJ 201-791-6690
111 ATF Inc. M Fasteners IL Lincolnwood 847-677-1300
112 Atlanta Hardware Specialty Co. D Fasteners NY
113 Atlantic Fasteners M Fasteners NC Greensboro 910-852-0700
114 Atlantic Fasteners  D Fasteners MA
115 Atlas Bolt & Screw M Construction OH Ashland 800-321-6977
116 Atlas Engineering M Fasteners PA Kent 800-237-4736
117 Atlas Specialty Products M Nuts CA 714-999-5400
118 Atlat Bolt D Fasteners TN
119 Auto Bolt & Nut Co. M Bolts OH Cleveland 800-988-2658
120 Auto Vechicle D Auto-Replace parts KY
121 Autocam Corporation M Screw Machine Parts MI
122 Automated Fastening D Construction MD
123 Automatic Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts MA
124 Automatic Products Corporation M Screw Machine Parts TX
125 Automatic Swiss Corporation M Screw Machine Parts IL
126 Automotive Fasteners D Fasteners NC
127 Automotive Racing Products M Auto-Replace parts CA Santa Paula
128 Autoswage Products M Pins CT
129 Avanti Screw M Fasteners CT Bristol 860-589-0433
130 Avibank Mfg. M Fasteners CA North Hollywood 818-392-2100
131 AVK Fasteners M Fasteners CA Valencia 661-257-2329
132 Aztech Locknut Company M Nuts IL Aurora 800-321-5625
133 B & B Socket Products, Inc. D Aerospace CA
134 B & B Specialties M Aerospace CA Anaheim 714-993-1600
135 B & B Threaded Components D Fasteners CT
136 B & C fasteners Inc D Fasteners PA
137 B & D Thread Rolling M Fasteners MI Wayne 734-728-7070
138 B & G Manufacturing Co. M Bolts PA Hatfield 215-822-1925
139 B & W Industrial Sales Co. Inc. D Fasteners CA
140 Baden Steelbar & Bolt Corp M Bolts PA
141 Bamal Fastener Corp. D Fasteners MI
142 Band-IT M Clamps CO Denver 303-320-4555
143 Barnhill Bolt  D Construction NM
144 Bartlett Products D Fasteners PA
145 Barton Products Corp  M Screw Machine Parts WI
146 Bay City Screw & Bolt D fasteners CA 510-293-0101
147 Bay Fasteners & Components Inc D Fasteners FL
148 Bay Fastening Systems D Rivets NY
149 Bay Standard M Fasteners CA
150 BBC Fasteners M Fasteners IL Alsip 708-597-9100
151 Beacon Fasteners  D Fasteners IL
152 Bead Industries M Pins CT
153 Beam Clamp D Beam clamps NY 800-851-5181
154 Bel-Metric D Fasteners MA
155 Bennett Bolt Works Inc. M Construction NY Jordan 315-689-3981
156 Big Bolt Corp M Fasteners IL
157 Bigelow Components Corp. M Fasteners NJ Springfield 973-467-1200
158 Binder Metal Products M Washers CA
159 Birmingham Fastener M Fasteners AL Birmingham 205-595-3511
160 Bisco of Florida D Stainless  FL
161 Blackhawk Machine Products, Inc. M Screw Machine Parts RI
162 Blue Chip Engineered Products  D Fasteners OH
163 Blue Ribbon Fastener Co D Fasteners IL
164 Blue Ridge Metal Corp M Slugs NC Fletcher 828-687-1551
165 BMB Fasteners Inc. D Fasteners NJ
166 Bokers Inc. M Washers MN 
167 Bollhoff-Rivnut Inc. M Rivets IN Kendallville
168 Bolt Depot D Bolts MA
169 Bolt Products  D Fasteners CA
170 Bolts 4 U D Bolts CA
171 Bolts Œn Nuts Plus D Fasteners TX
172 Bossard Metrics Inc. D Fasteners IL 800-837-5858
173 Botts Inc M Bolts IL 800-888-5885
174 Bowie Bolt D Bolts DE 800-337-9650
175 Brainard Rivet M Rivets OH Girard 330-545-4931
176 Branam Fastening Systems D Studs OH 440-327-3200
177 Brazos Fasteners Inc. D Stainless  TX 979-265-9032
178 Breeze Industrial M Clamps PA Saltsburg 724-639-3571
179 Briarwood Fasteners M Fasteners CA
180 Brico Industries M Fasteners IL Elmhurst 630-833-0700
181 Brighton Best Socket Screw M Socket Screws GA Buford 678-288-1015
182 Bristol Industries M Aerospace CA Brea 714-990-4121
183 Bristol Machine Co. D Bolts CA 800-798-9321
184 British Metrics D Fasteners MD
185 Brunner Drilling & Mfg. M Fasteners WI Mauston 608-847-6667
186 Bryce Fasteners Inc. M Tamper Resistant AZ Gilbert 480-503-3801
187 BT Crellin M Screw Machine Parts MO
188 Buchanan Metal Forming M Fasteners MI Buchanan 616-695-3836
189 Buckeye Fasteners Inc. D Fasteners OH
190 Buckley/QC Fasteners D Set Screws Brass NY 800-344-3874
191 Byler Rivet Supply D Rivets TX
192 C & C Automatics M Screw Mach.Parts NY 315-331-1436
193 C & L Rivet Co. M Rivets PA Hatboro 215-672-1113
194 Cal-Fasteners D Fasteners CA
195 Canadian Threadall Ltd M Bolts Canada 519-576-3360
196 Caplugs M Plastic Caps NY 716-876-9855
197 Captive Fastener Corp. M Self-Clinching  NJ Oakland 201-337-6800
198 Car Pak Mfg Inc D Auto-Replace parts MI
199 Cardinal Components D Fasteners WI
200 Cardinal Fastener & Specialty M Bolts OH Bedford Heights 216-831-3800
201 Carlson Systems D Fasteners AZ
202 Cass Screw Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts MN
203 Cavalier Industrial Specialties D Fasteners VA 757-427-6405
204 CBS Fasteners M Fasteners CA Anaheim 714-779-6368
205 Celus Fasteners M Fasteners MA Andover 978-475-7001
206 Cenla Bolts & Supply, LLC D Construction LA
207 Century Fasteners D Fasteners NY
208 CFI-Components for Industry D Fasteners IL
209 Champion Fasteners M Stud welding NJ
210 Chandler Products M Fasteners OH Cleveland 216-481-4400
211 Charles H. Gardner Co. M Fasteners PA
212 Chase Fasteners M Fasteners IL Melrose Park 708-345-0335
213 Chesapeake Marine Fasteners Inc D Fasteners MD
214 Chicago Fastener M Fasteners IL Mokena 800-323-5093
215 Chicago Hardware & Fixture Co. M Fasteners IL
216 Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. M Rivets PA Tyrone 814-684-2430
217 Circle Bolt & Nut Co.Inc D Fasteners PA 717-655-5507
218 CLAMPCO M Clamps OH
219 Clamps Inc. M Clamps OH Toledo. 800-837-0141
220 Clarcorp Industrial Sales Inc D Fasteners WI
221 Clark Craft Fasteners D Fasteners NY
222 Cleco Industrial D Fasteners IL
223 Cleveland City Forge D Unknown OH 800-431-4350
224 Cleveland Screw Products Inc. M Screw Machine Parts OH Baltimore 216-231-1930
225 Click Bond Inc. M Bonded fasteners NV 775-885-8000
226 CMB Custom Fasteners D Specials TX 713-896-9148
227 Coast Fabrication Inc D Aerospace CA
228 Coast Nut & Bolt Inc D Bolts CA
229 Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems D Fasteners PA
230 Cold Flow Corp. M Fasteners IL
231 Cold Headed Fasten. & Assem. M Fasteners OH Massillon 800-942-4050
232 Cold Headed Fastener M Fasteners NJ Delano 800-233-1625
233 Cold Headers Inc. D Fasteners IL
234 Cold Heading - Corporate Office M Fasteners MI Warren 586-497-7000
235 Columbus Fasteners Corp D Construction OH
236 Concrete Fastening Systems D Construction OH
237 Conformance Fasteners D Fasteners MI
238 Construction Anchors Inc D Construction MO
239 Construction Fasteners M Construction PA
240 Construction Tool & Threading Co D Construction CA
241 Continental Midland M Fasteners IL Park Forest 708-747-1200
242 Copper State Bolt & Nut M Fasteners AZ
243 Cordova Bolt D Fasteners CA
244 Cords Canada I Plastic Canada 416-242-6811
245 Coupling Nut Supply M Nuts WI
246 Cox Manufacturing Company M Screw Machine Parts TX
247 Craftech Ind M Plastic NY
248 Crawford Products Inc D Rivets OH
249 Cresent Manufacturing Corp. M Fasteners CT Burlington 860-673-2591
250 Crest Fasteners D Rivets CA
251 Crown Screw & Bolt D Fasteners IN
252 Crystal Engineering M Washers MA
253 CSM Fastener Products M Fasteners IL Bensenville 630-350-8282
254 CTG International LLC I Fasteners CA 909-598-9251
255 Curtis Screw Company  M Screw Machine Parts NY
256 CWR Mfg. M Fasteners NY East Syrause 315-437-1032
257 D & D Aircraft Supply D Aerospace NH
258 D & W Fastener Co.  D Fasteners OH 330-848-2891
259 D B Roberts Co D Fasteners MA
260 D.J.Associates D Fasteners AR
261 Daniels Service Parts Co D Aerospace IL
262 Dan-Loc Bolt & gasket M Bolts  TX 713-356-3500
263 Darling Bolt Co D Bolts MI
264 Daytona Bolt & Nut D Construction FL
265 DB Building Fasteners D Construction CA
266 Decatur Bolt D Fasteners IL 217-429-3237
267 Decker Mfg. M Fasteners MI Albion, 517-629-3955
268 Deerwood Fasteners Intern. D Woodworking  NC 800-278-0314
269 Dejay Industries M Screw Mach.Parts TX 972-234-0211
270 Delo Screw Products  M Screw Machine Parts OH
271 Delta Fastener Corp. D Fasteners TX
272 Deringer Mfg.Co. M Fasteners IL
273 Des Monies Bolt Supply D Fasteners IA
274 Dextech M Fasteners MI Dexter 734-426-5200
275 DFCI Solutions M Aerospace NY
276 Dialogic Corp D Aerospace PA
277 Diamond Fasteners D Fasteners NY
278 Disc-Lock International M Nuts CA
279 Disco Automotive Hardware D Auto-Replace parts OK
280 Distribution Dynamics D Fasteners CA
281 Diversified Fastening systems M Construction IA Charles City
282 DMB Supply Inc. D Fasteners IA 515-265-7581
283 Domestic Fastener & Forge M Fasteners  KS Lenexa' 800-939-2658
284 Double HH Manufacturing M Pins IA
285 Drillco National Group D Construction NY
286 Driv-Lok Inc. M Fasteners IL Sycamore
287 Duncan Bolt D Fasteners CA
288 Dunham Products M Studs OH
289 Dupage Products Group M Clamps IL 630-968-6900
290 Durham Aircraft Service Inc D Aerospace FL
291 Dynacast Industrial Products M Zinc Alloy Fasteners SC 864-595-2529
292 Dynamic Fastener D Construction MO
293 Dyson Corp M Bolts OH
294 E & A Products D Bolts MN  763-493-3222
295 E. J. Basler Co  M Screw Machine Parts IL
296 E.P.S. Inc D Fasteners GA
297 Earnest Machine Products D Bolts OH
298 East Coast Aviation Supplies Inc D Aerospace FL
299 East Coast Metals M Bolts PA Harleysville 215-256-9561
300 East Coast Threading M Fasteners PA 610-970-9933
301 Eastern Sales Services Inc D Fasteners PA 215-529-5439
302 Eastern Screw Co.  M Stainless RI Cranston 800-872-3726
303 Eastwood Manufacturing M Fasteners TX Houston 281-447-0081
304 EBC Industries D Fasteners PA
305 EBN Fasteners & Industrial Supplies D Fasteners IN
306 Eckart & Finard Inc D Fasteners CT
307 Economy Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts IN
308 Edsco Fasteners Inc D Construction TX Denton 940-380-8000
309 Edward W. Daniel Co. M Eyebolts OH 216-295-2750
310 Electronic Fasteners D Fasteners MA
311 ELFCO Electrical Fasteners Co Inc D Construction IL
312 Elgin Fastener Group M Fasteners IN 812-689-8959
313 Elite Fastener M Fasteners IL Rockford 815-397-8848
314 Elsen-BL Fastener Products M Fasteners MI
315 Emanon Aircraft Fasterners D Aerospace CA
316 Emhart Automotive M Fasteners MI Mt. Clements 586-949-0440
317 Emhart Fastening Industrial Div M Fasteners CT
318 Empire Bolt & Screw D Fasteners WA
319 Emporium Specialties M Fasteners PA
320 Endries International Inc. D Fasteners WI
321 Energy & Process Corporation D Fasteners GA
322 Enfasco D Fasteners NJ
323 Engineered Component Products Co D Fasteners MI
324 Engineered Parts Sourcing M Fasteners GA Alpharaetta 770-664-6742
325 Erie Bolt Corp. M Bolts PA
326 Esco Fasteners Co. D Unknown NY 631-225-6400
327 ET Fasteners D Fasteners TX
328 ETA Global Co Inc D Aerospace TX
329 Exact Industries Inc. D Fasteners CA
330 E-Z Lok M Threaded inserts CA
331 Fabsco Corp M Fasteners IL
332 Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts Inc M Screw Machine Parts CT
333 Fairchild Fasteners M Aerospace CA
334 Falcon Fasteners M Nails Canada SCARBOROUGH
335 Fall River Mfg Co. M Fasteners MA Fall River 508-675-1125
336 Fanaco Fasteners D Fasteners WA
337 Fasco Fastener Co D Fasteners CA
338 Fastar Inc D Pins NY
339 Fastbolt Carolina D Fasteners SC
340 Fastbolt Corp D Fasteners NJ
341 Fastco Industries M Fasteners MI Grand Rapids 616-453-5428
342 Fastech Inc M Fasteners NY 631-242-5699
343 Fastech Ltd M Fasteners AZ Phoenix 602-253-8197
344 Fastenal Co D Fasteners MN
345 Fastener Corporation of America D Fasteners OH
346 Fastener Dimensions Inc D Aerospace NY
347 Fastener Group (The) D Fasteners MA
348 Fastener Innovation Tech. M Fasteners CA Gardena 310-538-1111
349 Fastener Products of Lancaster D Fasteners PA 717-299-5771
350 Fastener Specialties M Fasteners FL
351 Fastener Technology Corp M Aerospace CA North Hollywood 818-764-6467
352 Fasteners Fast dot com D Fasteners NC
353 Fasteners Inc D Fasteners MI
354 Fasteners West Inc D Fasteners CA
355, Inc D Fasteners MA
356 Fastening Specialists Inc D Fasteners FL
357 Fastron Company M Fasteners IL Franklin Park 630-766-5000
358 Federal Group D Fasteners MI
359 Federal Screw Works M Fasteners MI
360 Federal Steel Co. Inc M Fasteners MI 248-545-5000
361 Ferner Co. I Metrics MA 781-245-4950
362 Ferry Cap & Set Screw Co. M Fasteners OH Cleveland 216-771-2533
363 Field Fastener Supply Co. D Fasteners IL
364 Fischer Special Manufacturing, Co M Screw Machine Parts KY
365 Florida Bolt and Nut D Fasteners FL 561-842-2658
366 Florida Screw M Fasteners FL Pompano Beach 954-972-5944
368 Ford Fasteners D Stainless NJ
369 Fordsell Machine Products Company M Screw Machine Parts MI
370 Forgo Fasteners (Valley Fasteners) M Fasteners IL Melrose Park 847-451-1940
371 FORMNET INC M Fasteners Canada REXDALE
372 Fostermation M Screw Machine Parts PA Measwville 814-336-6211
373 Fran-Dan Bolt & Screw Corp D Fasteners MA 617-547-1503
374 Freedom Fastener D Fasteners IL 877-477-3525
375 Freeway Corp M Washers OH 216-524-9700
376 Freundlich Supply Co. D Nuts NY
377 Frontier Fastener & Industrial Supply D Unknown CA 559-485-2658
378 Fryer Industries D Unknown Canada 519-737-9573
379 Fuller Metric Parts Ltd D Fasteners Canada 604-882-9202
380 G.L. Huyett D Fasteners KS
381 Gaffney Bolt Co. M Bolts Hot Formed IL 815-877-4084
382 Gardner-Westcott Company D Fastener Kits MI 248-305-5100
383 Gates Albert, Inc.  M Screw Machine Parts NY
384 Gates Washer M Washers IL 800-621-4017
385 Gateway Screw & Rivet M Fasteners IL
386 Gaynor Industries M Washers MA 978-463-9500
387 General Aircraft Company D Aerospace CA
388 General Fasteners Co. D Fasteners MI 800-945-2658
389 General Plug M Plugs OH Grafton, 440-926-2411
390 Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co D Aerospace CA
391 George H. Seltzer & Co. M Fasteners PA 610-532-2322
392 Gerhardt Supply D Fasteners PA 412-279-4880
393 Gesipa Fasteners USA Inc. M Rivets NJ Lawrenceville 318-375-4722
394 Girard Fastener & Supply Co Inc D Aerospace CA
395 Glaser & Associates Inc D Bolts CA
396 GLF Ohio Corp  D Fasteners OH
397 Global Fastener & Supply D Fasteners WI
398 Global Industrial Components, Inc. D Fasteners TN
399 Glovers Threaded Products M Fasteners Canada 905-547-5992
400 Gould Fasteners, Ltd. D Fasteners Canada
401 Grabberman D Construction CA
402 Grandeur Fasteners M Fasteners AR Danville 479-489-5168
403 Graycer Screw Products Co., Inc  M Screw Machine Parts MA
404 Great Lakes Fasteners D Fasteners MI
405 Great LakesParts M Nuts OH 440-546-0304
406 Greer Stop Nut Div SPS M Nuts TN Nashville 615-832-8375
407 Griner Engineering Inc. M Screw Machine Parts IN
408 Gripco M Fasteners IN Montipelier, 765-728-2433
409 Gripnail Corporation M Nails RI
410 Groov-Pin Corp. M Pins NJ
411 GS Aerospace M Aerospace CA 714-985-3008
412 Guardian Rivet & Fastener D Fasteners NY
413 Guard-Nut Inc. M Tamperproof CA
414 Guidon Corporation D Fasteners NJ 856-662-9114
415 Gulf Coast Fasteners M Fasteners AL Mobile 251-473-2116
416 H & L Tool  Co. M Fasteners MI Madison Heights 248-585-7474
417 H. Paulin & Co. Ltd M Fasteners Canada 416-694-3351
418 Hanger Bolt & Stud Co. M Construction IN Greenfield 800-537-7925
419 Hanson Rivet & Supply Co D Rivets CA
420 Hardware Specialty Co. D Fasteners MA 508-481-8622
421 Hardware Specialty Co. D Fasteners NY
422 Harman Corporation M Plastic Caps  MI 248-651-4477
423 Harrison & Bonini D Fasteners CA
424 Harrison Mfg Co Inc D Fasteners OK
425 Hawk Inc. M Bullets NJ Salem 856-299-2800
426 Hawthorne Bolt Works M Bolts OH 330-723-0555
427 Haydon Bolts Inc. M Bolts PA Philadelphia
428 Hayes Bolt & Supply D Bolts CA
429 HC Pacific D Aerospace CA
430 Head Set Sockets Inc M Set Screws  NY 315-587-4990
431 Heads & Threads International I Fasteners IL
432 Heartland Precision Fasteners M Fasteners KS New Century 913-829-4447
433 Henrob Corp M Nuts MI
434 Hercules Bolt Company M Bolts TN
435 Hexagon Industries M Fasteners OH Cleveland 216-249-0200
436 HH Swiss Screw Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts NJ
437 Hill Fastener Corp. M Fasteners IL Rock Falls 815-625-6600
438 Hillsdale Terminal & Tools M Terminals MI 517-849-2505
439 Hindley Mfg. Co. M Wire Products RI 401-722-2550
440 Hi-Tech Fasteners D Fasteners MD
441 Hi-Tech Fasteners D Unknown MI 231-689-6000
442 HK Metalcraft Mfg Corp M Washers NJ
443 Holbrook Manufacturing Inc. M Fasteners IL Wheeling 847-229-1999
444 Homer Donaldson Co. M Wire Products MI Hudson 517-448-8908
445 Horberg Industries M Screw Machine Parts CT
446 Horizon Manufacturing Industries  M Screw Machine Parts WA
447 Horst Eng. & Mfg. Co. M Screw Machine Parts CT 860-289-8209
448 House of Threads D Fasteners AL 205-916-2512
449 Huck Fasteners  M Fasteners TX Waco 254-751-5260
450 Huntsville Fastener D Fasteners AL
451 Huron Automatic Screw Co. M Screw Machine Parts MI 810-364-6636
452 Hybroco Sales Inc D Fasteners MI
453 Hyland Screw Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts OH
454 I.G. Marston Co. M Washers MA
455 ICG Corporation D Fasteners WA 253-872-6553
456 Ideal Fasteners M Fasteners CA Anaheim 714-630-7840
457 Ideal Tridon Clamp M Clamps TN Smyrana 615-459-5800
458 IFASTGROUPE M Fasteners Canada 450-658-8741
459 Image Industries M Stud welding IL Huntley 800-722-7883
460 Imperial Metal Products Co. LLC M Screw Machine Parts MI
461 Imperial Rivets & Fasteners M Rivets IL
462 Index Fasteners Co. D Fasteners CA
463 Industrial Depot Inc (The) D Fasteners GA
464 Industrial Nut Corp M Nuts OH
465 Industrial Rivet & Fastener M Rivets NJ
466 Infasco M Fasteners Canada
467 Ingersoll Fasteners M Fasteners Canada INGERSOLL 519-485-4610
468 Inland (IASC Inc) D Aerospace CA
469 In-Line Fasteners D Unknown IL 847-640-8040
470 Innovative Components Inc. M Specialty IL Knobs 847-885-9050
471 Integrity Fastener D Fasteners CA
472 Intercontinental Sales Corp I Fasteners FL 800-741-4278
473 INTERCORP I Fasteners CA
474 International Fasteners I Fasteners FL
475 Interstate Screw Corp D Fasteners FL
476 Iseli Company  M Screw Machine Parts CT
477 ITW Bee Leitzke M Fasteners WI 920-625-2342
478 ITW Shakeproof M Fasteners WI 414-264-5090
479 Iwata Bolt M Bolts CA Garden Grove 714-897-0800
480 J & L Fasteners D Fasteners IN
481 J R Ind D Fasteners CA
482 J W Winco Inc D Fasteners WI
483 J. H. Botts Inc. M Construction IL 800-888-5885
484 J.M. Murphy  D Rivets NH
485 J.W. Winco Inc I Knobs WI 262-786-8227
486 Jackson Aerospace D Aerospace CA
487 Jacobson Mfg. LLC M Fasteners OH 330-725-8853
488 Jacon Fasteners & Electronics D Aerospace CA
489 Jay Bee Machine Works M Fasteners PA
490 Jay Sons Screw Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts CT
491 Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet Inc. D Rivets MI
492 Jebco (see American Jebco) M Fasteners IL
493 Jessen Manufacturing Co M Screw Machine Parts IN
494 John Hassall Inc. M Fasteners NY Westbury 516-334-6200
495 John J. Steuby Company M Screw Machine Parts MO
496 JPC Specialties D Fasteners PA
497 K & L Sales Inc D Fasteners WI
498 K & Y Mfg. Inc M Screw Machine Parts MI 734-414-7000
499 Kagerind Industries M Screw Machine Parts TX
500 Kamax M Fasteners MI Lapieer, 810-664-7741
501 Kanebridge Corp. D Fasteners NJ
503 Kaytech Ind Corp D Fasteners NY
504 KDS Imports, Inc.  I Fasteners IL
505 Kelly Industrial Supply Inc D Fasteners PA
506 Ken Forging Inc. M Fasteners OH Jefferson 440-993-8091
507 Kerr Lakeside Inc. M Fasteners OH Euclid 216-261-2100
508 Key Bellevilles Inc. M Washers PA 800-245-3600
509 Key Fastener M Fasteners IN Berne 260-589-2626
510 Keystone Automatic Tech M Fasteners PA Emporium 814-486-0513
511 Keystone Bolt & Supply D Fasteners CA
512 Keystone Fastening Tech M Specialty Items PA
513 Keystone Screw Corp. M Fasteners PA Willow Grove 215-657-7100
514 Keystone Threaded Products M Acme Thread OH
515 KingNut M Nuts FL
516 Kinney Mfg. M Aerospace CA Van Nuys 818-902-1086
517 KMC Stampings  M Clamps WI
518 Komar Screw Company M Fasteners IL Niles 847-965-9090
519 L & H Threaded Rods Corp M Threaded Rod OH
520 L.F.C. Industries M Aerospace TX Arlington 817-640-1322
521 Lakeshore Automatic Products M Brass Fittings MI
522 Lakeside Fasteners D Fasteners WI
523 Lancaster Threaded Products M Fasteners PA Lancaster 717-392-8502
524 Landreth Fastener M Fasteners TX Houston 713-944-7400
525 Lawrence Screw Products D Fasteners IL
526 Lawson Products D Fasteners IL
527 Lee Fasteners M Plastic CA
528 Lehigh-Armstrong Inc D Fasteners MA
529 Lejeune Bolt Co D Bolts MN
530 Leland Industries Inc. M Fasteners Canada TORONTO 800-263-3393
531 Lewis Bolt & Nut Co. M Bolts CO La Junta 719-384-5400
532 Lexington Co. M Set Screws Brass NY 716-992-3425
533 Liberty Engineering D Aerospace CA
534 Liberty Fastener Co D Fasteners IL
535 Lippincott Supply D Fasteners CA
536 Lister Bolt & Chain M Bolts Canada 604-273-5411
537 Locknut Tech. M Nuts IL 630-628-5330
538 Lohr Structural Fasteners D Construction TX
539 Lok-Mor Inc. M Nuts TX Arlington 800-843-7320
540 Long-Lok Fasteners Corp. M Fasteners OH
541 Lord & Sons Inc D Construction CA
542 Lowry Supply Co D Fasteners OH
543 LSS-Lone Star Houston M Fasteners TX
544 M J Vail Company Inc D Fasteners NJ
545 M.S. Aerospace M Aerospace CA Sylmar 818-833-9095
546 M.S.K. Precision Products, Inc M Screw Machine Parts FL
547 Mac Fasteners M Fasteners KS Ottawa 785-242-8812
548 Mackson Inc. D Fasteners SC 803-329-6545
549 Maclean Manard M Fasteners MI 810-949-0471
550 MacLean-Fogg Co. M Fasteners IL Mundelein 847-566-0010
551 Main Source Inc D Fasteners NH
552 Makk-O Industries Inc. D Stainless DE 302-376-0160
553 Mantel Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts WI
554 Manufactured Products Group Inc D Fasteners NY
555 MAPCO M Pins MI 734-397-1020
556 Marine Fasteners Inc D Fasteners FL
557 Marshall Sales D Fasteners MI
558 Maryland Metrics D Fasteners MD
559 Maryland Precision Spring  M Fasteners MD 410-391-7400
560 Master Bolt M Fasteners OH 888-905-2658
561 Master Fasteners D Fasteners CA
562 Master Products Co. M Washers OH
563 Masters Machine Co M Screw Machine Parts ME
564 Matenaer Corp. M Stampings WI 262-338-0700
565 Maze Nail Company M Nails IL Peru 815-223-8290
566 MBC Electronic Fasteners D Fasteners FL
567 McCoy Bolt Works M Bolts IN 260-482-4476
568 McFeelyıs Square Drive Screws D Fasteners VA
569 McIndustries Inc. M Fasteners OH La Grange 440-355-4040
570 McMaster-Carr D Fasteners IL
571 Meaden Screw Products Co. M Screw Machine Parts KY
572 Mechanical Plastics Corp. M Construction NY
573 MEG Technologies Inc D Fasteners CA
574 Mel-Ba Manufacturing, Inc M Screw Machine Parts OH
575 Merit Fasteners Corp D Fasteners FL
576 Metric & Multistandard Components D Metrics NY 914-769-5020
577 Metric Screw & Tool Co. I Fasteners MA
578 Metric Specialties Inc D Fasteners CA
579 Mettec M Titaniam NV 775-246-8200
580 Michigan Rod Products M Rod MI Howell 517-552-9812
581 Micro Fasteners D Fasteners NJ
582 Micro Plastics Inc. M Plastic AR
583 Micro Precision M Screw Machine Parts WI
584 Microbest  M Screw Machine Parts CT
585 Micro-Matics Corp M Screw Machine Parts MN
586 Mid States Screw Co. M Fasteners IL Rockford 815-397-2440
587 Mid West Fabricating Co. M Fasteners OH
588 Midland Metal Mfg. Co. M Fasteners MO
589 Mid-State Bolt & Nut D Fasteners OH 614-253-8631
590 Mid-States Bolt & Screw D Fasteners MI
591 Mid-States Screw Corp M Fasteners IL 815-397-2440
592 Midwest Fabricating M Screw Machine Parts OH Amanda 740-969-4411
593 Midwest Fastener M Stud welding OH Miamisburg 937-866-0463
594 Midwest Fastener Supply D Fasteners KS
595 Midwest Screw Products M Screw Machine Parts IL
596 Miller Products Company M Pins IA
597 Milspec Products Inc D Aerospace FL
598 Minneapolis Washer & Stamping Inc M Washers MN 612-588-0501
599 Missouri Threaded Products M Rod MO St. Louis 800-323-5885
600 Mitchel and Scott Machine Co. M Screw Machine Parts IN
601 MKT Gunnebo M Construction AR Lonoke 501-676-2222
602 MMG Engineered Components M Fasteners IL Franklin Park 847-671-9330
603 MMS & Accessories D Fasteners GA
604 MNP Corporation M Fasteners MI Utica 800-521-2052
605 MNP Utica Washers M Washers MI 800-521-2052
606 Modern Fasteners D Construction PA
607 Moehring Inc. D Fasteners NY 718-963-2220
608 Monadnock Company M Fasteners CA City of Industry 626-964-6581
609 Monogram Aerospace  M Aerospace CA Los Angeles 213-722-4760
610 Morton Mfg. M Aerospace CA Santa Clarita 661-298-0895
611 Mr Gıs Enterprises D Fasteners TX
612 MRL Mfg. Corp. M Nuts NJ
613 MSC Fasteners D Fasteners PA
614 MSC Industrial Direct Co Inc D Fasteners NY
615 Mt. Hood Fastener Co. D Stainless OR 503-233-3330
616 Mt. Vernon Screw Products, Inc M Screw Machine Parts IN
617 Murphy Machine Products, Inc M Screw Machine Parts IL
618 Mutual Screw & Supply D Fasteners NJ 800-222-0324
619 Nappco Fastener Co D Fasteners TX
620 National Bolt & Industrial Supply D Fasteners TX 817-831-2658
621 National Cap & Set Screw Co. M Fasteners IL
622 National Rivet & Mfg. Co. M Rivets WI Waupun 920-324-5511
623 National Threaded Fasteners Ltd I Flange screws and nuts OH 440-953-3768
624 ND Industries M Bolts MI 248-288-0000
625 Nelson Stud Welding Inc. M Studs OH Elyria 800-635-9353
626 New England Specialty Nut M Washers, Nuts & Pins  MA 508-791-9060
627 New Hampshire Machined Products M Screw Machine Parts NH
628 New Jersey Rivet Co. M Rivets NJ Camden 856-963-2237
629 Niagara Fasteners Inc. M Nuts & Bolts Big Canada 905-356-6887
630 Niagara Plastics Co. M Car Plugs PA
631 Non Ferrous Threaded Products M Fasteners TX Houston 713-224-4538
632 Non-Ferrous Fasteners D Fasteners CA
633 Nord-Lock Inc. D Locking MI 877-799-1097
634 Norstan M Fasteners WI Pleasant Prairie 847-244-8334
635 Northeast Fasteners Co Inc D Bolts MA
636 Northern States Supply Inc D Construction MN
637 Northern Wire  M Wire forms WI Merrill 715-536-9551
638 Northland Fasteners D Auto-Replace parts MO
639 Northwest Swiss-Matic, Inc M Screw Machine Parts MN
640 Norwood Screw Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts NY
641 Nova Machine Works M Fasteners OH Middleburg 216-267-3200
642 Nucor Fastener M Bolts IN St. Joe. 260-337-1781
643 Nuts Inc M Nuts MA 800-486-1478
644 Nutty Company Inc. D Fasteners CT
645 Nylok Fastener Corp M Fasteners MI
646 Ohio Fastener & Tool Inc. D Fasteners OH
647 Ohio Nut & Bolt  M Bolts OH Berea 440-243-0200
648 Ohio Rod Products M Bolts IN Versailles 812-689-6565
649 Orrco  M Screw Machine Parts PA
650 Ossco Bolt & Screw Co. Inc D Unknown RI 401-461-6900
651 P & R Fasteners Inc D Fasteners NJ
652 Pacific Coast Bolt Corp M Bolts CA 562-944-9549
653 Pacific Fasteners D Fasteners WA
654 Pacific Fasteners Inc D Fasteners IL
655 Pacific Warehouse Sales D Unknown CA 909-287-7750
656 Pan American Screw D Fasteners NC 828-466-0060
657 Parker Kaylon M Fasteners CT 203-944-1711
658 Patton Industrial Products D Fasteners MN 
659 PB Fasteners M Aerospace CA
660 PCC Product Component Corp D Plastic  CA
661 Pearson Fastener Corp. M Fasteners IL Rockford 815-397-4460
662 Peco Fasteners Inc D Fasteners GA
663 Peerless Aerospace Fastener Corp D Aerospace NY
664 Peerless Hardware Mfg. Co. M Fasteners PA
665 Pell Mell Supply Inc. D Fasteners CA 619-238-1633
666 PEM Fastening Systems M Nuts PA
667 Pencom D Fasteners CA
668 Penn Engineering M Fasteners PA Kent 215-766-8853
669 Perigee Mfg. Co. Inc M Screw Machine Parts MI 313-933-4420
670 Perlane Sales Inc D Fasteners OH
671 Peterson Spring M Springs MI 248-799-5400
672 Philipps Bros. Supply, Inc. D Construction NY
673 Pilgrim Screw Corp. M Fasteners RI Providence 401-274-4090
674 Pin-Tech Products D Pins OH
675 Pivot Point M Pins WI Hustisford 920-349-3251
676 Plastic & Metal Products Corp D Fasteners PA
677 Platt Bros. & Co. M Fasteners CT
678 Platte Anchor Bolt Co. Inc. M Bolts CO 800-621-2658
679 PM Fasteners Inc. D Fasteners PA 215-256-6525
680 Pohlman, Inc.  M Screw Machine Parts MO
681 Pop Fasteners M Fasteners KY
682 Portland Bolt & Mfg Company D Bolts OR Portland 800-547-6758
683 Positive Tech. Inc. D Clamps FL
684 Powers Fastening Inc. M Construction NY New Rochelle 914-235-6300
685 Precision Components Inc D Fasteners DE
686 Precision Fittings M Fittings OH Wellington 440-647-4143
687 Precision Form M Fasteners PA Lititz 717-560-7610
688 Precision Plus, Inc.  M Screw Machine Parts WI
689 Precision Screw Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts ME
690 Precision Screw Products Inc D Fasteners IL
691 Premier Rivet and Fastener M Fasteners Canada ETOBICOKE 416-798-9009
692 Premiere Fasteners M Fasteners WI
693 Prestige Stamping M Washers MI
694 Prime Screw Machine Products, Inc M Screw Machine Parts CT
695 Prospect Fasteners D Clamps IL
696 ProStainless D Fasteners CA
697 Pyramid Fasteners Inc D Fasteners FL
698 QRP Inc M Pins NC 910-371-0700
699 Quality Bolt & Screw Co. M Fasteners OH Brescksville 440-717-7650
701 Quality Component Supply & Mfg Inc D Fasteners OR
702 Quality Components Inc D Fasteners MA
703 Quality Screw & Nut M Fasteners IL Wood Dale 630-595-0000
704 Quality Socket Screw Mfg. M Aerospace FL
705 Quick Cable Corp M Cables WI 800-558-8667
706 Quick Screws D Fasteners CA
707 R. F. Mau Co. M Screw Machine Parts IL
708 R.H. Leahy Company D Fasteners CA
709 RAB Components I Fasteners NY 631-539-4741
710 Radax Industries Inc. M Fasteners NY Webster 585-265-2055
711 RAF Electronic Hardware M Fasteners CT
712 Rainbow Electronics D Fasteners CA
713 Ramco Specialties Inc M Nuts OH Hudson 330-653-5135
714 Ray Industries, Inc M Screw Machine Parts WI
715 RB & W M Nuts OH Kent 330-673-3446
716 Ready Rivet and Fastener M Fasteners Canada KITCHNER 519-745-6119
717 Redmore Products D Clamps IL 847-359-5544
718 Reed & Prince M Fasteners MA Leominster 508-753-2931
719 Reed Manufacturing Services  M Screw Machine Parts IN
720 Reliance Screw Products M Screw Mach.Parts MN 
721 Remco Bolts D Construction NM
722 Revcar Fasteners, Inc. D Fasteners VA
723 Richard Manno and Company M Pins NY
724 RIMA Manufacturing Company M Screw Machine Parts MI
725 Risco Inc M Fasteners CA
726 Rives Mfg. Co. M Bolts  MI Rives Junction 517-569-3380
727 RivetDirect D Rivets MA
728 Rivets NOW D Rivets NY
729 / Crest Fasteners D Rivets CA
730 Roadrunner Fastening Systems Inc D Fasteners AZ
731 Robbins Mfg. Co. Inc. M Bolts  MA Fall River 508-675-2555
732 Roberts Automatic Products, Inc  M Screw Machine Parts MN
733 Robertson Inc. M Fasteners Canada 800-268-5090
734 Ro-Brand Products Inc D Fasteners CT
735 Rockford Co. M Leg levers IL
736 Rocknel Fastener M Fasteners IL Rockford 815-397-5151
737 Rogo Fastener Co Inc D Fasteners NY
738 Roladel & Associates Inc. D Fasteners Canada 416-288-0138
739 Rolled Thread Limited LLC M Fasteners Canada 262-547-6160
740 Rollin J. Lobaugh, Inc. M Screw Machine Parts CA
741 Rose Industrial Products Inc D Fasteners IL 847-439-3665
742 Rotaloc Intl LLC M Bonded fasteners CO 888-768-2562
743 Roton Products M Fasteners MO
744 Rotor Clip Co. Inc. M Clamps NJ 732-469-7333
745 Royal Screw Machine Products M Screw Machine Parts CT
746 Royal Supply D Fasteners CO
747 RTL Fasteners D Fasteners VA
748 Ruklic Screw Co. D Fasteners IL
749 Rule Co. D Unknown OK 918-585-5757
750 Rumco Inc. M Sems IL Elk Grove Village 847-364-5000
751 S & G SpecialtyFasteners D Fasteners CA
752 S & M Retaining Rings M Rings NJ 973-383-2200
753 Safety Socket LLC M Sockets IL 773-763-2020
754 Safety Socket Screw Corp. M Socket Screws IL Chicago 773-763-2020
755 Salem Fastener D Fasteners NC
756 Saras & Associates D Fasteners CA
757 SASCO Fasteners/Induserve Supply D Fasteners OR
758 Saturn Fasteners M Aerospace CA Burbank
759 Schneider & Marquard Inc. M Stampings NJ 973-383-2200
760 Scovill Fasteners D Fasteners GA Clarksville 706-754-4181
761 Screw & Supply Inc D Fasteners NY
762 Screw Products D Fasteners TX
763 Screws Ind. M Fasteners IL Glendale Heights 630-539-9200
764 Sea Port Marine Corp. D Fasteners VA
765 Sealtite Building Fasteners D Construction TX
766 Seastrom Mfg Co. M Fasteners ID
767 Seaway Bolt & Specials Corp. M Bolts OH Columbia Station 888-856-4866
768 Security Fastener Co. M Tamper Resistant CA 707-746-8025
769 Seitzer & Co. M Fasteners PA 610-532-2322
770 Semblex Corp. M Fasteners IL Elmhurst 630-833-2880
771 Serv-A-Lite Products D Fasteners IL
772 Sesco Industries M Set screws NY
773 Sey Tec Inc D Aerospace TX
774 Shannon Precision Fastener M Fasteners MI Madison Heights 248-589-9670
775 Shear-Lok Products M Tamper Resistant CA
776 Sherex Industries Ltd I Nuts NY 716-681-6250
777 Shirring & Co. M Plug Nuts OH 440-327-1208
778 Shoreline Machine Products M Fasteners OH 216-481-8033
779 Shur-Lok Corp. M Fasteners CA Irvine
780 SIMI Fastening Systems M Tamper Resistant CA
781 Simplex Nails Inc M Nails GA Americus 229-924-2767
782 Skach Mfg. Co. M Fasteners IL Antioch 847-395-3560
783 Skybolt Aeromotive Corp D Aerospace FL
784 Slidematic Products M Fasteners IL Rockford 815-986-0500
785 Slip-On Locknut Co. M Nuts MI 989-736-3656
786 Smalley Steel Ring M Springs IL 847-719-5900
787 Solon Manufacturing Co. M Washers OH 440-286-7149
788 Sonfast Companies D Fasteners MD
789 South Coast Stainless D Stainless  AZ
790 Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc D Fasteners NC
791 Space City Screw and Mfg M Aerospace TX Houston 800-545-1365
792 Spaenaur Inc.  D Fasteners Canada
793 Specialty Bolt & Screw Inc D Fasteners MA
794 Specialty Fasteners D Fasteners Canada 905-670-0662
795 Specialty Screw Corp. M Fasteners IL Rockford 815-965-9707
796 Specialty Screw  M Fasteners IL
797 Specialty Tool & Bolt D Fasteners CA
798 Speciy Screw Machine Products, Inc.  M Screw Machine Parts PA
799 Speedbear Fasteners D Rivets PA
800 Spotnails D Nails IL 847-259-1620
801 Spring Bolt and Nut Mfg M Bolts TX 281-448-4440
802 SPS Technologies / Jenkintown M Fasteners PA Jenkintown 215-572-3000
803 SPS Technologies-Unbrako M Bolts OH Cleveland 216-581-3000
804 St. Louis Screw & Bolt M Fasteners IL St. Louis 314-389-7500
805 Stafast Products Inc. D Nuts OH
806 Staffall D Fasteners RI
807 Stafford Nut & Bolt D Bolts GA
808 Stage 8 Locking Fasteners M Fasteners CA 415-485-5340
809 Stake Fastener Co M Fasteners CA
810 Stalcop Cold Forming M Fasteners IN Thorntown 765-436-7926
811 Standard Fastener & Supply D Fasteners TX
812 Standard Hardware D Fasteners TX
813 Standard Lock Washer Mfg. Co M Washers MA
814 Standco Industries M Fasteners TX
815 Stanley Industries D Fasteners MI
816 State Industrial Supply Corp. D Fasteners AZ
817 Steadfast Screws Mfg. M Fasteners CA Hayward 510-265-0247
818 Steel City Bolt & Screw Inc. M Fasteners AL Birmingham 205-942-4567
819 Steelfast Inc D Fasteners TX
820 Stelfast Inc I Fasteners OH
821 Stewart Fastener & Tool D Fasteners NC
822 Stillwater Fasteners M Fasteners MA
823 Stimpson Co. Inc M Fasteners NY 631-472-2000
824 Stress Indicators M Bolts MD 240-631-7246
825 Structural Bolt & Mfg Inc M Construction TN
826 Stud Welding Products D Stud welding CA
827 Suburban Bolt & Supply Co D Fasteners MI
828 Sun Fast International D Fasteners CA
829 Super Brite Screw Corp. D Fasteners FL
830 Superior Washer & Gasket M Washers NY
831 Supreme Lake Manufacturing Co.  M Screw Machine Parts CT
832 Sussex Wire M Fasteners PA
833 Swissline Precision Manufacturing, Inc  M Screw Machine Parts RI
834 Swiss-Tech, LLC  M Screw Machine Parts WI
835 System22, Inc. D Fasteners PA
836 T & A Screw Products, Inc. M Screw Machine Parts CT
837 T.F.I. AEROSPACE CORP M Aerospace Canada ORANGEVILLE 519-940-9003
838 T.S.P. D Fasteners TX
839 Tacoma Screw Products, Inc.  D Fasteners WI
840 Tamper Pruf Screws M Tamper Resistant CA Paramount
841 Tamperproof Screw Co. M Tamper Resistant NY Hicksville 516-931-1616
842 Tanner Bolt & Nut Corp. D Bolts NY
843 Tapco Inc D Fasteners MO
844 TCR Corporation M Fasteners MN Minneapolis 763-560-2200
845 Teale Machine Co., Inc. M Screw Machine Parts NY
846 Technical Stamping Inc. M Washers MI 586-948-3285
847 Telefast Ind M Fasteners OH Berea 440-826-0011
848 Teton Machine Company M Screw Machine Parts ID
849 Texas Screw Products TSP D Fasteners TX
850 Texas Specialty Fasteners D Fasteners TX 972-442-0001
851 TFI Aerospace M Aerospace Canada 519-940-9003
852 Thomson Fasteners Inc. M Fasteners Canada 613-382-2181
853 Threadall Manufacturing  M Bolts Canada 519-576-3360
854 Threaded Rod Company M Threaded Rod IN
855 Thread-Rite Screw Prod Inc D Fasteners IL
856 Three (3) V Fastener Co. M Aerospace CA Corona 951-734-4391
857 Thruway Fasteners Inc D Fasteners NY
858 Thuro Metal Products, Inc. M Screw Machine Parts NY
859 Timberline Fasteners D Fasteners CO
860 Time Fastener Co. M Threaded inserts NV Reno 773-829-1026
861 Tip-Top Screw Mfg. Inc. M Construction MI Oscoda, 989-739-5157
862 Titan Fastener Products, Inc.  D Fasteners GA
863 Toggler Anchoring System M Construction NY
864 Tower Fasteners D Fasteners NY
865 TranSpec Fasteners Inc D Fasteners TX
866 Triangle Fasteners Corp D Fasteners PA
867 Trident Fasteners Inc. M Fasteners MI Kentwood 616-957-9291
868 Triem Industries M Fasteners CT Oxford 203-888-1212
869 Trillium Screw Mfg. Co. Ltd M Fasteners Canada 905-420-3881
870 Trio Fasteners Inc D Fasteners VA
871 Tri-Star Industries Inc M Threaded inserts CT
872 Tropic Fasteners D Fasteners GA
873 TruFast Corp M Construction OH
874 Tru-Fit Products Corp. M Fasteners OH Medina
875 TRW - Nelson Division M Fasteners OH
876 TSA Mfg. M Anchor Bolts NE 402-895-5212
877 Tuttle Manufacturing Co. M Bolts IL 847-381-7713
878 U.S. Bolt Manufacturing Inc.  M Bolts TX
879 U.S. Fastener Corporation D Fasteners CA 800-262-3278
880 U-Bolt-It D Fasteners TX
881 UMX M Nuts CA
882 Unbrako North America M Bolts OH 216-581--3000
883 Uneeda Bolt & Screw D Fasteners NJ
884 Unique Industries Inc. M Fasteners AL 205-668-0490
885 Unirex Inc D Fasteners KS
886 United Dowel Pin Mfg Co M Pins MI 800-521-6222
887 United States Socket M Fasteners MI Mt. Clemens, 313-469-8811
888 United Titanium Inc M Titanium  OH Wooster 330-264-2111
889 Universal Fastener Co. D Unknown NC 704-392-5342
890 Universal Fasteners Inc D Fasteners NY
891 Universal Metrics Inc D Fasteners WI
892 Universal Rivet Inc. M Rivets FL Hialeah
893 Unlimited Screw Products Inc M Aerospace NY 631-752-8050
894 Unytite M Fasteners IL Peru 800-869-9119
895 Valco Valley Tool & Die M Fasteners OH 440-237-0160
896 Valley Fastener Company M Fasteners IL Aurora 708-892-7070
897 Valley Forge M Bolts AZ
898 Vamp Co. M Nuts MI 734-676-8020
899 Vertex Fasteners I Fasteners RI 401-725-3880
900 Veterans Fastener Supply Corp D Fasteners NY
901 Vico Products M Fasteners MI Plymouth 734-453-3777
902 Victory Bolt & Specialty, Inc.  D Fasteners NC
903 Viking Bolt Inc D Fasteners OR
904 Virginia Fasteners D Bolts VA
905 Volt Industrial Plastics Inc. M Plastic AR
906 Voss Industries M Clamps OH Cleveland 216-771-7655
907 Vulcan Threaded Products M Threaded Rod AL Pelham 205-664-3733
908 W & E Sales Co. Inc. D Auto-Replace parts NJ
909 W.H. Bagshaw Co. M Pins NH Nashua
910 W.J. Roberts Co. Inc. M Spacers MA 781-233-8176
911 Warren Automatic Fasteners M Fasteners MI 734-525-2920
912 WCL D Fasteners CA
913 Webb Bolt & Nut Co. D Fasteners FL
914 Webson Fasteners D Fasteners NY
915 Wejit Fastening systems M Construction OK
916 Wesco Aircraft D Aerospace CA
917 West Coast AeroSpace M Aerospace CA Carson 310-518-0633
918 West Coast Lock Washer D Washers CA 626-968-5523
919 Westex Wholesale  D Fasteners TX
920 Wharton Hardware & Supply D Construction NJ
921 Whitesell Manufacturing M Fasteners AL Muscle Shoals 256-248-8500
922 Williams Fastener & Supply D Fasteners IA
923 Willie Washer Mfg Co M Washers IL 847-956-1344
924 Wilson-Garner Co M Bolts MI Harrison Twp. 586-466-5880
925 Wink Fasteners Inc. D Fasteners VA 804-966-8111
926 Winzer D Fasteners TX
927 World Fasteners Inc D Fasteners MD
928 Wrought Washer M Washers WI
929 Wurth Adams Nut & Bolt D Fasteners MN 763-493-0809
930 Wyandotte Industries Inc M Nuts MI
931 XL Screw Corp I Fasteners IL
932 Yankee Industrial Supply LLC D Fasteners NH
933 Zago Manufacturing Co. Inc. M Sealing Screw & Nuts NJ 973-643-6700
934 Zal Fastener & Supply D Fasteners CA
935 Zero Fasteners Inc. M Fasteners TX 713-675-0123
936 Zero Products Inc D Fasteners TX 713-675-0123
700 Ziegler Bolt & Nut House D Fasteners OH
937 ZIP Fasteners M Specials IL Rockford 815-316-3232